How to take great sunset photos

Well its almost march break and I think that we are all tired of the snow and are looking forward to a warm vacation in the sun. So lets take a break from all this wet snow and escape into the sun for a few moments. Every vacation picture has a sunset in it. How can we go to these beautiful beaches and not capture a sunset photo. Today I would like to talk a little about the best way to capture these photos.

Most of us get very excited and even memorized by the beauty of a beach sunset. It is easy to just start shooting with little thought to composition because the subject is so overwhelmingly beautiful. Lets start by the first day that you arrive at the resort. In your exploration of the resort, ask the staff where the sun sets. The staff will be able to inform you of the direction of the sunset and even inform you of where the best shots can be found. This information is great for most people, but can stifle your own creativity. Now that you know where the sun is setting, start to look for interesting features that may make nice silhouettes in front of the sunset: umbrellas, rocks, pergolas, lighthouses……and so on. Sunsets are easily captured in the typical way but need some other features to make it interesting.

If you cannot find anything interesting to add to the sunset then try adding your family, your spouse will appreciate it…..not that your family is not interesting. In the above photo, I have added my two kids in a fun way of holding the sun. Here I have used a flash to add a little fill, so they do not become a silloette in front a bright sun. When adding people to the photo, you must turn your flash on manually. This will not be done automatically by your camera. On the “flash exposure compensation control” you can either over exposure it ”+” or underexpose it “-“, you should set it at “-“ by ¼ to ½ a stop. This will make the flash look a little more natural and not be so harsh. I have also used the zoom on my lens to increase the sun’s size. Ever wonder how some photographs have this incredibly huge sun, the photographer is using a large telephoto lens. Wide angle lens will decrease the size of the sun to a little pinpoint of light.

Have fun this March break, exchange your winter coats for your best speedo and bring us your sunsets to produce some beautiful poster art for your walls!

Keep warm and keep shooting!

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