Photo tips – kids portraits

Photographing our kids is a must for every parent. Today we will talk about taking a formal portrait of our kids. It sounds a little above the skills of your regular weekend shooter, but it really is not and here are a few tips that will help you to be less intimidated by it.

Any of today’s point and shoot cameras can fully capture a professional looking portrait. There are enough manual overrides on all point and shoot cameras to take your portrait photography to the next level.

The first thing we need is a cute kid or kids…..this is a must… Of course, that’s no problem with you and I because we just happen to be lucky enough to have cute kids. Next, we need to scout out a nice location in our house. We are going to use available light from a window or patio door, this kind of light always feels warm because of the colour from the sun. Your house will have different angles of light through-out the day as the sun moves across the sky or more correctly the earth moves your house around the sun. Your background should be as neutral as possible, a simple white wall is the best, you may have to move some furniture around to find the perfect spot. Your subject should stand away from the wall, as you will be able to blur out the wall from your subject and create a separation from your background. Use a little telephoto on your zoom to capture the correct perspective on your subject and this also creates a little less depth of field. The proper perspective on a person keeps things like noses and ears from looking over sized…..if you were to shoot a face using a wide angle lens, the nose or whatever part of the face is nearest to the camera will appear oversized, try it and have a little fun with it to learn about perspective. If you can control your aperture with the camera that you are using, set it to the widest setting….lowest number. The lower the number on the aperture allows you less depth of field and this is what you are trying to accomplish to separate your subject from the background. Be very careful with your focus point on your camera because of the shallow depth of field that you are using, you always need to focus on the eyes of your subject.

The last tip is to use a white cardboard or even a white sheet as a reflector for a little extra light on the dark side of your subject or even use the reflector to light your subject from the front. Don’t be afraid of having one side of your subject a little darker than the other, this is what creates a professional look. What we are trying to accomplish is a soft light with some contrast in the subject.

Now, you can do a little in your photo software to adjust the photo to your liking. Do not do too much or it will look a little fake in the final photo. Now you are ready to send it off to Posterjack for your beautiful canvas wrap around print.

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