Photographing your Pets

Photographing your pet is not only popular, it is insanely fun!  Pets are inherently cute and funny, so getting them to pose and ham-it-up for the camera is typically pretty easy.  Now with that said; they are also impatient, quick, fidgety, and depending on the pet – very bad at doing as they are told!

Using props is a great way to spice up the photographs and to get your pet’s attention.  So if you have a toy you can use to get their attention, always have that available.  You might also want to consider a squeaker or something that makes noise – this is great for getting them to look in your direction when you are ready to shoot and has the added benefit that their ears will be perked up at full attention when you take the photo.

If you aren’t into props, then you will have to be into patience.  Taking casual observant shots of your pet doing their thing is a great way to really capture who their personality.  Lazy cat? Then some snoozing photos are in order.  Athletic dog?  Then some action shots jumping and chasing the ball can make for fantastic images.  If you need to freeze the action of a pet in motion, try using the sports mode setting on your camera and the continuous shooting function to capture a series of shots.  That way you are more likely to capture the perfect moment.

Red or Green eye is a particular problem when taking photos of animals with the flash, so if you have to shoot in dark situations, you will probably end up with some photo editing on your to-do list.  If possible, shoot in natural daylight to get the best possible photos and you will also end up with normal looking eyes!

You should also think about the background and how it plays into the composition of the photo.  Lush green grass can make for a great backdrop, as can a sandy beach, a brightly coloured blanket, or even the pattern on the family couch.  If you can, try to choose a background colour that complements your pet’s fur colour, rather than one that clashes or helps them blend into the background like a chameleon.

Lastly, make sure you aren’t too serious – have some fun and your loving friend will be sure to make you laugh in the end!   Thanks Ginger for being such a great model dog 🙂

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