A Photographer is born…our first guest post from Scott Young!

If you can believe it, I became a photographer by accident. Three years ago this hobby of mine began simply because at the time I needed to buy a camera for work reasons. My line of work was in retail merchandising and display and it was necessary to take photos of the work that was done in order to share with my co workers and to provide information to the company’s head office. Previous to this, I had never picked up a camera in my life, other then a disposable one. After what was a very nerve wrenching shopping experience I came out of the store with my first camera. I was the proud owner of a point and shoot. (Can I just mention how much lower in price they are now!! The amount of Posterjack products I could have bought would be staggering!)

Months went by and I slowly figured out the basic bells and whistles of this shiny little thing. It worked well for the reason I had bought it, and so I was as they say, a happy camper. And then I took it outside, and started bringing it along on my walks through the  streets and green spaces of Toronto. Snap Happy to say the least. Architectural details, and heritage building seemed to be my subject of choice for during these early beginnings. Not too long after I ventured outside with my camera the City of Toronto held a photo contest that was open to both professionals and amateurs. I entered several photos I had taken from my walks with the purpose of wantingScott Young Photography to share my love for these fine historic buildings. I had no idea if the photos were good, bad, or downright ghastly. At the end of the waiting period I received not one but three emails. I had managed to place second in one of the categories, and received two honorable mentions in two other categories.

A photographer was born.

I am telling you this little story for a few reasons. One, to say hello and introduce myself as a new guest blogger here on Posterjack. The name is Scott. The other reason is to reassure you that we all had to start somewhere, and you don’t necessarily need big fancy equipment, and telephoto lenses to take great photos. Photography is a wonderful, rewarding hobby. So whether you are 12 or 92, using a camera on an iPhone, a point and shoot, or a digital SLR you can still take some great pictures, and maybe even win a prize or two!!

I still have much to learn, but I hope to share with you some things I have learned along the way both in terms of taking photos, and also how to incorporate photos into your lives, and personal spaces. I have purchased framed prints, posters both regular and peel and stick, and canvases so far with Posterjack. They are hanging in my own place, in friends places, and I have used them in exhibitions. And I don’t know about you, but I am so excited to sample the new metal prints!

So I invite you to follow along, take what information you need and even to share your own thoughts and ideas. I also want to thank Posterjack for inviting me here.

I will end by sharing the image that started it all. It is a textural shot of an old shutter in Toronto’s Distillery District.  To see more, check out my website.


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