Meet the 2013 Summer Kidtographers!

Kid Boy Photographer and Camera Taking a Picture of Mushrooms

We are proud to introduce you to our first ever Posterjack Summer Kidtographers!

We had so many great entries, choosing our official Kidtographers was extremely difficult. So difficult, in fact, that we chose four kids rather than three. So, without further ado, we’d like to introduce you to our 2013 Summer Kidtographers!

Nevaeh, 7 years old
Cambridge, ON

2013 Posterjack Summer Kidtographer Winner

While most children at the age of 7 are wishing to become an astronaut, singer, or wrestler, Nevaeh wishes to become a photographer. She has started to hone her skills at home and has an eye to capture everyday life and showcase the beauty in the world.

Nevaeh loves to explore and study nature, and has recently developed an interest in photography. Every picture she takes tells a story. Whether it’s the bee that trekked the long journey to get pollen for his queen to make honey or the weed that was the garden’s ugly duckling and chose to grow into a beautiful flower.

Nehaeh photo submission

Kai, 9 years old
Orangeville, ON

2013 Posterjack Summer Kidtographer Winner

Kai definitely has an original way of looking at things. In the photo below, he wanted the photo to be blurry because it was a different way to see the poppy. “It looks cool like this,” explained Kai. Kai participates in a lot of different activities like lacrosse, kayaking, hiking, and biking and is going to be able to share those experiences through a variety of interesting photos.

Kai’s love of photography stems from his mother, who also loves to take photos. They are both looking forward to working and learning together as they develop their passion. Kai recently said, “I get a good night’s sleep every night so I will have a lot of energy for taking photos.”

Kai photo submission

Faith, 12 years old
Winnipeg, MB

2013 Posterjack Summer Kidtographer Winner

At just 12-years-old Faith already has a real eye for photography and a love for taking pictures. She’s creative and loves to express herself in any way artistically – whether it be drawing, painting, or taking pictures. She’s always taking her mom’s camera and often is the one to come up with different poses for her and her siblings.

Photography is an interest both her and her mom share. They recently just participated in a fun 30-day photo challenge and some of Faith’s photos were better than her mom’s! Faith’s always looking for ways to increase her knowledge of photography.

Faith photo submission

Austin, 12 years old
Newmarket, ON

Posterjack 2013 Summer Kidtographer Winner

Austin is the loving brother to Cameron, age 7. Cameron has been battling leukemia and enduring chemotherapy for the past three years. His illness has led to a lot of changes in Austin’s home life.

When Austin heard about the opportunity to become a Posterjack Summer Kidtographer, he immediately perked up. Austin has had an interest in photography from a very young age and this gives him a summer project to which he can focus on and not dwell on his family situation.

Austin has lived his most memorable childhood years in the shadows of his brother’s illness – never once complaining. This is HIS opportunity to be in the forefront.

Austin photo submission

The Kidtographers begin their summer assignment Monday, July 15. We’ll be sharing their first photos on Monday, July 22 on Facebook and Pinterest. We can’t wait to see their photos!


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