Summer Kidtographers: Week Two

Posterjack Kidtographers Week Two Collection

Our Summer Kidtographers just wrapped up their second week of shooting! They’re doing such a fantastic job, it will be exciting to see which of their photos they choose to use their $250 Posterjack gift certificate with at the end of the summer! Just from this week’s photos alone, Nevaeh’s turtle photo would look amazing as a metal print, Kai’s sunset photo would look brilliant as an acrylic print, Faith could have her flower photo printed on canvas (which would look stunning!), and Austin’s photo of a butterfly on a flower would be rockin’ as a photoboard!

What do you guys think? Are these kids doing an amazing job or what? Leave a comment below to show them your support!

Nevaeh, 7 years old
Cambridge, ON

Turtles on a rock in water

Duck bums in water

Frog hiding in grass on log in water

White shell on sand

Bee on thistle

KaiKai, 9 years old
Orangeville, ON

Boy playing on blue ropes at a playground in a park

Sunset over the ocean with clouds

Bird flying and bird sitting on wooden fence at a farm

Ocean landscape photographed by child photographer

Flying bird above clouds in blue sky
Faith, 12 years old
Winnipeg, MB

Close-up photo of bubbles

Flower with drops of water

Bubble on blades of green grass

Dark storm clouds with black trees

Bubbles on the grass
Austin, 12 years old
Newmarket, ON

Path of water through the trees

Yellow and black flower

Sun shining through the trees

Black and white butterfly on white flower

Pink purple thistle with green background


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