Summer Kidtographers: Week Seven

Week Seven Collection 2013 Posterjack Kidtographers

Wow, summer sure does fly by! Our Summer Kidtographers just wrapped up their final week with us!

Nevaeh, Kai, Faith, and Austin – you guys have done an incredible job and should be very proud of yourselves! Your photos are amazing and it’s been so awesome to see summer through your eyes. No matter what you spend your $250 Posterjack gift certificate on, there’s no doubt your photo art will look fantastic and will remind you of your summer of 2013 for years and years down the road!

Fans of our 2013 Summer Kidtographers will be able to see the kids’ completed collection of photos soon. The kids will be receiving a one-year subscription to the popular photo sharing site, 500px, where their entire photo collection will be shared. In addition to sharing their photos through 500px, we’re hoping the subscription will inspire them to develop and grow their passion for photography.

Here are week seven’s photos:

Nevaeh, 7 years old
Cambridge, ON

Kai, 9 years old
Orangeville, ON

Faith, 12 years old
Winnipeg, MB

Austin, 12 years old
Newmarket, ON

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