10 Awesome Pictures of Cats to Help You Master Cat Photography

Awesome Pictures of Cats - Kitten Sleeping on His Back

Who doesn’t love to look at photos of cats? In order to capture great images of these furry feline friends, you do need a little skill and knowledge. Here’s a gallery of some incredible cat photos: you’ll see ten pictures of cats, along with ten photography tips to help you learn how to capture the best photos possible.

Click on any image to enlarge and to learn more about the technique used to compose the photo.

To summarize, in order for you to capture photos of cats that are so great you’ll want to, oh, I don’t know, have them made into Posterjack Canvas Prints or Gallery Boxes:

  1. Fill your frame to eliminate a distracting background;
  2. Shoot from a different angle to add interest to your photo;
  3. Capture various features of your cat, not just their face;
  4. Include their personality in your photos;
  5. Capture great action shots by adjusting your shutter speed or using your camera’s Sports or Action mode;
  6. Create black and white photos to emphasise texture and detail, and to eliminate distractions;
  7. Use natural lighting whenever possible to reduce unwanted shadows and red eye;
  8. Follow the Rule of Thirds to add interest;
  9. Experiment with depth of field to help the viewer focus on the main subject; and,
  10. Add interest to an otherwise dull cat photo by editing to include witty text.

Hey Posterjack fans, which cat photo from this gallery is your favourite and why? Leave a comment to let us know!

One comment

  1. I loooove close up pictures of cat eyes, but that one you picked out – absolutely wonderful. What a gorgeous feline!

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