The Summer Kidtographer Search is Back!

2014 Search for Posterjack's Official Summer Kidtographers

Posterjack’s Summer Kidtographer search is back for its second year!

Last year we followed the four official 2013 Summer Kidtographers – Faith, Nevaeh, Austin, and Kai – from the city zoo to the cottage and everywhere in between.

We are once again looking for four more Kidtographers to share their adventures this summer!

To get each Kidtographer started on their summer photo journey, we’ll hook each kid up with a camera and memory card. From July 1 to August 24, Kidtographers will be asked to snap daily photos, which will be submitted to us every Sunday, by 12:00 pm EST and featured on the Posterjack blog and social media communities.

On September 1, Kidtographers will provide their memory card to Posterjack, containing their complete summer photo collection. We’ll curate the photos and set up each Kidtographer with their own 500px account so all their friends and family can see summer through their eyes. Additionally, each Kidtographer will be awarded a $250 Posterjack gift certificate to turn their favourite summer photos into lasting art.

For the chance to become one of our official Posterjack Summer Kidtographers, parents must submit the following information via email to [email protected] by June 13, 2014:

  • child’s name
  • proof of age
  • city
  • a recent photo taken by their child
  • a brief explanation (250 words or less) on why their child should be Posterjack’s Summer Kidtographer

We look forward to seeing your entries. Good luck!

*In order for a child to become an official Summer Kidtographer, (s)he must be a resident of Canada and be 13 years of age or under.

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