Ideas on How to Include Photos in Your Wedding Décor

Ideas and Tips on Including Photography When Decorating for a Wedding

Posterjack president, Timothy Faught, was a guest on CTV Morning Live last week. He was chatting with Lianne Laing about ways to incorporate photos into wedding décor.

Anyone who has been married or is planning a wedding knows how much work and thought goes into planning for the big day. We focus a lot of attention on photographing the various wedding-related events, from proposal shots, engagement photos, to the actual wedding itself. We also put a lot of effort into decorating – making sure the flowers are perfect, the centrepieces are gorgeous, the aisle runner is just so … and on and on the list goes. Why, when we spend so much time (and money!) on both photography and decorating, do we often not even think of combining the two? Here are two great ways you can incorporate your favourite photos into your wedding décor. For more ideas, watch the video below!

Guest Book Alternative

Rather than having a traditional guest book at your wedding, print an engagement photo or other favourite photo you have of yourself and your partner. Leave about four inches of white space on each side of the photo so your guests can sign their name and best wishes. What’s great about this is, at the end of the day, you’re left with a completely unique piece of art with thoughtful messages from friends and family that you can proudly display in your home, unlike a guest book that gets tucked away in a drawer and hardly ever seen.

Not sure how to add white space to your photo? No problem! When you upload a photo to Posterjack, you have the option to add a border. You can even choose the colour you’d like your border to be, so you can integrate your wedding colours if you like.

Posterjack Website Screenshot Photo of Engaged Couple About to Kiss

Posterjack allows you to add a border to your photo and choose its width.

Posterjack Website Screenshot with Coloured Border

You can select a border colour that will match your wedding décor.

Another idea is to convert your image to black and white or sepia (another feature Posterjack offers after you upload your photo) and have a black border. Just make sure to pick up a white Sharpie for your guests to sign it with!

Posterjack Website Screenshot with Image Effects Options

Posterjack makes it easy to add creative effects to your photo.

In the video below, you’ll see an example of this guest book alternative. A Photoboard is shown, but any of Posterjack’s products would work well – it just comes down to what you like the look of the most!

Photo Table Number Cards

Photo Table Number Card at a Wedding

Using photos for table number cards adds a personal touch to wedding décor.

Using photos for your table number cards is a fantastic way to show off all those engagement photos and they look so much better than regular number cards. If you didn’t have engagement photos done, you can still make these. There are so many different themes you could go with—for example, places you and your partner have travelled to together or baby photos of each of you—or just random shots of the two of you would work well too! You could get really creative and have a photo of you and your partner with the people who are to be seated at each table – that could get tricky if your guest list is large, but it’s an idea!

The example shown above is a Posterjack Fine Art Print – Posterjack prints your photo on the world’s best fine art paper, Hahnemühle Photo Rag, which is 100% cotton and acid-free. Another option that would look equally amazing would be to have your photos made into Photoboards, displaying them on each table with an aluminum easel (a hanging option offered by Posterjack on smaller print sizes).

Hey Posterjack fans, do you know of some excellent ways to include photos into wedding décor? Leave a comment below to share your creative ideas!

Clicking on the image below will open a new window to the CTV Morning Live video clip.

Posterjack on CTV Morning Live Ottawa

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