Meet the Summer Kidtographers of 2014


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We are proud to announce our 2014 Summer Kidtographers!

Thank you to everyone who entered! We received so many amazing entries from talented kids across Canada. Like last year, choosing our official Kidtographers was an extremely tough task. This year, we are excited to share that we have kids from Canada’s east to west coasts.

We also have a twist this year! Instead of choosing four individual Kidtographers, we added a family into the mix! The Seemann siblings from Sharon, Ontario will be sharing a camera this summer to create a collection of their family adventures.

Without further ado, here are our 2014 Summer Kidtographers!

Chloe Ng, 9 years old

Vancouver, BC


Chloe has loved photography ever since she was old enough to hold a camera. She constantly amazes and surprises her parents with photos that capture aspects of daily life that often go unnoticed by others.

Chloe Ng shadow

Lainey Buhler, 10 years old

Winnipeg, MB


At just 10, Lainey already has an intense passion for the arts and a knack for photography. She loves to read, write, and document her everyday moments in her journal. “Lainey is very detail-oriented, so she has an eye for reminding us that the ordinary can sometimes be extraordinary, like this photo she took of a spider web,” shared her mom in her entry.

Photography is an interest both her and her mom share. This summer, they will be travelling to their cottage and making a trip to Toronto where Lainey will have many opportunities to take amazing photographs. They are both excited for this great bonding opportunity to document their summer adventures as Lainey takes on the role of being a Posterjack Summer Kidtographer.

Lainey buhler web

Rory Mackinnon, 11 years old

South Harbour, NS


At age 11, Rory is a very energetic and curious young man. He is an examiner who is always keeping busy! He is constantly trying to get a closer look, whether it’s getting on the ground to examine ant hills, figuring out the mechanics of what makes a wheel turn, or studying how the sun sets in the sky.

Rory loves to hike, bike, and explore his surroundings. He loves taking photos of nature but can find beauty in anything. Whether it’s a coloured rock, a smooth shell, or the way the apple blossoms bloom from the tress, Rory is ready to capture it on camera.

Rory Mackinnon sail boats

The Seemann Siblings

Sharon, ON

Evelyn Tia Matt

Evelyn (13), Tia (11), and Mathew (8) are siblings on a mission! They have a shared passion for photography and have all competed and won prizes in local photography contests. They will be busy this summer taking photos of their family farm, their animals, and documenting their summer camping trip. They can’t wait to share their summer adventures.

Evelyn’s favourite things to photograph are animals and nature. This beautiful close-up shot of the dewy pink rose can attest to her fine photography skills!

Evelyn Seemann flower

Tia loves to photograph EVERYTHING, according to her mom. Her favourites are close-up photos that have a shallow depth of field as she says they draw the viewer’s eye to exactly what she wants them to see.

Tia Seemann eggs

At just eight, Mathew is our youngest Kidtographer of the year! According to his mom, he is a naturally gifted designer and has a keen eye for photography.

Mathew Seemann flowers

The Kidtographers begin their summer assignment on July 1. We will be sharing their first photos on July 7 on Facebook and Pinterest.

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