Posterjack Summer Kidtographers: Week One

2014 Summer Kid Photographers Week One Photo Assignment

Here’s a look at our Summer Kidtographers first week on assignment!

Our official 2014 Posterjack Summer Kidtographers have wrapped up their first week on assignment. Here’s a highlight from each of their photo collections.


Chloe - W1P3

We love this interesting photo Chloe captured. Chloe’s mom tells us about her collection of photos, “It was a gloomy day with drizzle of rain and fog. We decided to first go to Spanish Banks, close to University of British Columbia, and captured the beach scenes which looks more like a typical fall or winter day in Vancouver (where is our summer?). After emptying our shoes from the clumps of wet sand, we headed over to the Granville Bridge which leads to downtown Vancouver. Chloe was fascinated with the graffiti we saw on the roof of a building on Granville Island as we walked across the bridge.”


Lainey - W1P1

Lainey did a spectacular job at catching this happy moment of her adorable cousin, Henry. Lainey’s mom tells us, “Henry lives in Calgary so she doesn’t get to spend a lot of time with him. She has enjoyed spending the last week and a half with him at the cottage. He was being really funny at the supper table so she grabbed her camera and captured this funny photo of him. She loves his facial expression and the focus of this photo.”


Rory - W1P4

Rory’s favourite photo from his first week on assignment is the one featuring the moose antlers on the old barn. His mom tells us, “he likes it because he likes to be in woods hunting with his father.” We love how the texture in the photo is highlighted by the shadows – the result of shooting when the sun is high in the sky!


Seemann family - W1P5

This week from the Seemann siblings, we’ve chosen one of Evelyn’s photos to show you. Her mom tells us, “All the photos are from Canada Day as there were so many things they took photos of.” Fireworks are not an easy thing to photograph – great job, Evelyn!

The Summer Kidtographers are off to a great start! We’re looking forward to seeing their next batch of photos!

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