Posterjack Summer Kidtographers: Week Two

Week 2

Action shots and unique angles – that’s what week two was all about for our Summer Kidtographers!

Our Kidtographers are doing an amazing job at showing us what summer looks like through their eyes. Their first week on assignment brought a variety of different types of photos. This week, we’ve discovered our Kidtographers have an eye for unique angles and action shots!


Chloe w2p1

Chloe’s mom tells us that she brought her camera to her summer camp at a local community centre. “We spotted the giant chess set out in the sun and its bright colour contrast captured her attention,” she says. “Chloe crouched down on the chess board and shot the photo from the angle of a chess piece. Those chess pieces look huge in the photo!” They do indeed! This is a great example of how composing your shot from different angles can really add interest to a photo!


Lainey w2p3

Lainey’s favourite photo from week two is of her brother, Tomas, on the trampoline. Her mom tells us, “She likes how he is doing a starfish pose and how she captured him mid-air.” Action shots can be difficult to get! Great job, Lainey!


Rory w2p1

And speaking of action shots, check out this photo Rory managed to capture! Rory named the seagull Larry. As they’re on a first-name basis, perhaps Larry thought he was invited to lunch?


Matt Seemann w2p2

Matt’s mom tells us he likes low angles, so he got down on the ground to capture this soccer ball photo. Like Chloe’s photo of the chess pieces, Matt’s photo here really illustrates how shooting from unique angles can change the perspective of a photo in a big way!

Great job, you guys! We’re looking forward to seeing what types of photos week three will bring!


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