Posterjack Summer Kidtographers: Week Three

Week 3

Water, water, everywhere! Most of the photos our Kidtographers captured during their third week on assignment include water!

We really look forward to seeing our Summer Kidtographers’ collection of photos each week. What’s really interesting though is that, despite the fact that our Kidtographers are from one side of Canada to the other (with the exception of the Seemann siblings, of course!), they’ve started submitting photos with similar themes. Last week, for example, was all about unique angles and action shots. This week’s common theme? Water! From reflections in ponds to gigantic sudsy bubbles to fantastic beach photos, water made an appearance in each of these photos.


Chloe w3p3

It sounds like Chloe had an awesome day last weekend! Her mom tells us, “This week we spent a Saturday afternoon touring around Granville Island and Emily Carr University of Art and Design. Chloe led us to a row of houseboats hidden behind the University – she saw them during one of her field trips from before and she wanted to go back and capture them with her camera!  Along with the diverse architectural styles of the houseboats, she also spotted their accompanying colourful rows of mailboxes.

As we were making our way to the Public Market, we stopped to admire this street performer who blew these gigantic bubbles. It was difficult to resist the temptation to pop those bubbles before Chloe had a chance to snap a photo. Too bad the sun was not cooperating – but Chloe was happy that she managed to capture the rainbow within one of the bubbles. And I personally like the one where she caught the little boy bursting the bubble in action.

After wiping the soap water from the camera’s lenses, we took one last shot of the sailboats on our way back to the car.”

Although we’ve only shown one of Chloe’s photos here, all of our Kidtographers’ photos will be featured at the end of the summer when they’re uploaded to their own personal 500px galleries, so stay tuned to see the rest!


Lainey w3p1

Lainey’s favourite image from week three is this black and white photo of a little girl playing in the waves. Her mom tells us, “She met the girl at the beach this past week and we asked the mom if it was ok if Lainey took some pictures of her. The girl’s name is Daisy and she just loved the attention! Lainey likes the picture because of the joy on Daisy’s face, the way the water is splashing up on her, and the way the light is captured in the waves. She likes people pictures!”


Rory w3p2

“All of Rory’s photos were taken in the Cape Breton Highlands Park, we live practically minutes away. The beach and the hiking trails are all around us and we are lucky to live in such a beautiful place,” Rory’s mom explains. We love the fluffy clouds in this photos, Rory!


Tia - w3p2

One of the Seemann siblings’ photos from week three is this fantastic shot by Tia. Her mom says, “She likes the reflection of the trees in our pond.” And we do, too! Great shot, Tia!

Our Summer Kidtographers are having fun and doing an awesome job! We wonder whether there will be a common theme for next week! Keep up the great work, you guys!

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