Posterjack Summer Kidtographers: Week Four

Week 4

Our Kidtographers are at it again! This week’s unplanned theme? Buildings and structures!

You would almost think that our Summer Kidtographers knew each other and planned their week’s photo assignments together. This week, they’ve all submitted photos that relate to buildings and manmade structures.


Chloe w4p4

Chloe’s mom tells us what her fourth week on assignment was all about, “This week’s photos are mostly shot from Queen Elizabeth Park and the Science World neighbourhood. Queen Elizabeth Park reminded us a lot of the Butchart Gardens in Victoria, BC. Chloe took a few scenic photos that ended up looking just like postcards—however, they didn’t make it into our top five—and she also managed to snap a shot of a goldfish swimming across the pond right by some lily pads. We then went to walk around Science World and there was an interesting sculpture that was shaped just like a question mark. As you can see, Chloe decided to lie on top of it and shoot a photo of her feet and her new sandals.” Awesome foot selfie, Chloe! (And awesome new sandals! Do they come in a size 7?)


Lainey w4p5

“Lainey’s favourite [this week] is the picture of the church in Guelph where we are visiting family. She likes the angle and the details of this old church. We had a fun day exploring the city together,” her mom tells us. We think Lainey did an amazing job with this photo – she’s composed her photo with a unique perspective and converting it to black and white really helps accentuate the detail and age of the structure. Love it!


Rory w4p4

We love to see various types of photography within a single photo – it gives an image an added layer of interest. This photo of Rory’s, for example, has some great manmade structures in the foreground that tell a story all on their own, but it also includes a wonderful landscape/seascape in the background. Rory’s mom tells us, “The buildings are little camping huts on the most northern tip of Nova Scotia, Meat Cove. They are actually right on the cliff!”


Mathew - w4p2

Remember Mathew’s soccer ball photo from week two? He really does love to capture low-angle photos! We love this bugs-eye-view of the wooden deck, the angle really emphasises the natural grain of the wood – similar to our, ahem, Wood Prints. Just saying.

Can you believe we’re half way through summer already? Why can’t summer drag on the way winter seems to do? We’re looking forward to seeing what August looks like through the eyes of our Kidtographers!

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