Posterjack Summer Kidtographers: Week Five

Week 5

Here’s a look at our Summer Kidtographer’s photos from their fifth week on assignment!

The past few weeks, the Summer Kidtographers presented us with photos that all fell into some kind of theme – it was almost eerie how they managed to do so without ever coordinating it amongst themselves! Last week, for example, was all about manmade structures and week three’s unplanned theme was water. This week, the Kidtographers have submitted photos with random subjects … just what we’d expect from kids who live in various parts of Canada and have never before met!


Chloe - w5p3

“This week we spent an afternoon in Stanley Park and there were so much to take photos of!” Chloe’s mom explains. “Chloe really likes the photo of the Kids Dryer simply because it is a dryer that is used to dry off kids. ‘How cool is that?!’ She said! As we were going along the seawall, she also took photos of a lighthouse, totem poles and also the flags, which look especially crisp against the bright blue sky. As we are having an event called Celebration of Lights in Vancouver, Chloe went to Jericho Beach to see the fireworks (this time it’s the team from Japan) with her friends.” Interesting shot, Chloe. You’re right, a dryer for kids is cool!

Check out our Pinterest Board, 2014 Summer Kidtographers, to see the other photos Chloe’s mom describes, as well as all the other photos each Kidtographer has submitted throughout the past weeks!


Lainey - w5p3

Lainey’s mom tell us that she had a really difficult time deciding which photos to send in this week. “We got back from our trip out to the Toronto area on Thursday but the week was jam-packed with lots of sites and activity. Her favourite this week is the picture of the deer. She captured this one as we drove through the African Lion Safari. She loves how close up she got to the animal, that it looks like it is smiling at her and being able to see the very long eyelashes it has.” We love animal photos, great shot Lainey!


Rory - w5p1

“Rory chose the rope photo because of the different ways and ties the fisherman use to tie this type rope to the wharfs holding the boats. Rory likes everything nautical, the ocean, fishing, and marine life.” This photo reminded us of our blog post, Including Texture in Your Photography. We love the detail and natural light shown in your photo, Rory!


Tia - w5p2

Did we mention we love animal photos? We’re particularly fond of dogs (have you met Ginger yet? She makes a regular appearance on Instagram!). Tia’s mom tells us this dude’s name is Harley. “We were dog sitting these dogs enjoying a morning so Harley decided to join us!” Tia, you did an awesome job photographing Harley – getting down low and shooting from that perspective, along with filling your frame with your subject, was a good choice! Look at that nose! And those eyes! ❤

Well, our Summer Kidtographers continue to impress us with their photos! As always, we’re looking forward to seeing their next batch of shots!

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