Posterjack Summer Kidtographers: Week Six

Week 6

A sculpture, duck, boat, and flower. That’s what the Summer Kidtographers have for us this week!

For week six on assignment, our Summer Kidtographers have experimented with black and white photography, wildlife photography, capturing seascapes, and flower photography!


Chloe - w6p3

Chloe’s mom summarizes this week’s photo submissions as “a smorgasbord of random photos that capture Chloe’s activities of the week.” So, what did her busy week present us with? “Going to her BFF’s birthday party, catching the ice cream truck (yum!), taking random photos of her own shadow, visiting the waterpark, and taking a black and white photo of this huge marble sculpture that is shaped like a slice of cheese.” Chloe’s mom admits, “I really don’t know what it is. I hope I didn’t offend the sculptor!” We love the shadows and patterns in this photo. Good eye, Chloe!


Lainey - w6p2

“We had a great week out in Lake of the Woods, Ontario this past week.  Lots of fun with friends, going to the fireworks display, tubing, swimming and just enjoying the outdoors,” Lainey’s mom tells us. “Her favourite from this week is the picture of the duck. We were swimming at the neighbours and the ducks came up right beside the dock. She got down nice and low to capture this image. She loves how close it was, the light reflecting on the water, the colours, and how it just stayed there like it wanted its picture taken.” You’re right Lainey, that duck does look like it wants its photo taken!


Rory - w6p4

This nautical photo of Rory’s shows us the Marine Atlantic vessel, Atlantic Vision. After picking up passengers in North Sydney, Nova Scotia, it will depart on a six hour trip destined for Newfoundland. Rory’s mom tells us Rory plans to be an engineer when he grows up, so he’s drawn to big boats like this. We love the use of horizontal leading lines in this photo, especially as they’re so straight! Great photo, Rory!


Evelyn - w6p2

This sunflower photo of Evelyn’s is pretty amazing. Her mom says she thinks it looks like the sun, which we can definitely agree with! We love the composition and the way the light falls on the petals.

Can’t get enough of our Kidtographers’ photos? Don’t forget you can check out all of their submissions on our 2014 Summer Kidtographers Pinterest Board!

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