Posterjack Summer Kidtographers: Week Seven

Week 7

Check out what our Summer Kidtographers were up to last week!

Can you believe our Kidtographers just completed their seventh week on assignment? Crazy, right? Here’s a look at their favourite photos. To see the entire collection, check out our Pinterest board.


Chloe - w7p3

Chloe is sure having an eventful summer, which is providing her with an abundance of great photo opportunities! Her mom tells us, “this week Chloe walked by the new VanDusen Garden and took a few photos of the cool modern exterior and also the few flowers they displayed outside. We didn’t have time to go inside for a tour but we definitely plan to go back some day! She also visited City Hall and Gas Town. The statue that you see is Captain George Vancouver, and Chloe told me she learned in class that the city of Vancouver is named after him. She also took some photos of the old architecture in Gas Town and the cool new lighting display she found in one of the stores there.” Very creative capturing the statue from that angle, Chloe!


Lainey - w7p4

Lainey spent the week at home doing things around the community and the house. Her mom explains, “Lainey used her brothers as models this week. They love posing for her. Her favourite photo is the image of the grass with dew drops on it.  She likes how she got in nice and close, the colour, and the individual dew drops.” Interesting photo, Lainey. We love close-up photography!


Rory - w7p5

From all of Rory’s photo submission for week seven, his mom tells us his favourite is this photo of the beach glass. That’s quite the collection you’ve got there, Rory! It’s beautiful!


Tia - w7p5

Tia’s mom tells us she’s learning how to skateboard. If her skateboarding skills advance as quickly as her photography, she’ll be grinding the rails in no time! We love how you composed this shot, Tia – very creative angle!

It’s hard to believe that our Summer Kidtographers only have one more week on assignment. They have been doing such a spectacular job, we don’t want it to end! As always, we’re looking forward to seeing what their next batch of photos will look like!

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