Posterjack Canvas Prints: See How We Print Your Photos on Canvas

Man Creating a Hand-Made Posterjack Canvas Print

Check out this video to see how a Posterjack Canvas Print is made and to learn why our product stands above the rest.

There are a number of reasons why Posterjack Canvas Prints are top of their game – they’re expertly hand-stretched, made in Canada, and printed using our proprietary photo enlargement technology and world-class printers. If that’s not reason enough to choose Posterjack for your canvas printing needs, here’s a comparison between our Canvas Prints and our competitors.

Comparing Companies Who Print Photos on Canvas

Seeing is Believing

Want to see the quality for yourself? Here’s a video that shows a Posterjack Canvas Print being made.

Video Transcript

This is a Posterjack Canvas Print. It’s a piece of custom artwork made just for you at our workshop. They’re classic, vibrant, and durable. And our Canvas Prints are at the top of the quality game. Here’s why.

First, we start with a nice, thick, 100% cotton canvas.

Then we apply Artshield Laminate, protecting your canvas from fading and scratching.

We custom-make each frame in-house out of sturdy, grade-a basswood.

Each canvas is hand-made by experienced craftsman and stretched to perfection.

Posterjack canvases are known for vibrant, accurate colours, and sharp detail.

The corners are perfectly folded and tucked.

Every canvas comes with a robust picture wire attached, and is ready to hang.

Choose an optional floater frame to make a gorgeous print really stand out.

We’d love to print your photo on canvas and show you just how good a Canvas Print can be.

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