Meet Our Official 2015 Posterjack Summer Kidtographers

Summer Kidtographer Announcement

The wildcard voting has closed and the Posterjack panel has spoken. It’s time to meet our new Summer Kidtographers!

EvelEvelyn head shotyn – Downeyville, ON

First we have the wildcard Summer Kidtographer, Evelyn! Evelyn was chosen by Posterjack fans. Evelyn’s goal with the Summer Kidtographer program is to show the world what she sees. She often wishes that she had a camera to capture moments – like seeing a dirt road narrowing into nothing but a path or perfectly still trees.

For Evelyn’s photo entry she chose this “fairy house” she built in her grandma’s backyard with her cousin. After taking the photo with an iPad she realized there are so many interesting features that could keep her looking at the photo all day.

Evelyn Photo Entry

RyanRyan – Ancaster, ON

Ryan, an ambitious third grader, wanted to be a Summer Kidtographer so he could tell stories with photos. For Ryan, photography is about saving moments, entertaining others, and sharing his perspective with the world.

Ryan is excited to learn how to use a real camera (not just an iPad) and is even going to photography camp this summer!

Ryan Photo Entry

mariannaMarianna – Whitehorse, YK

Next we meet Marianna, who lives way up north in Whitehorse! Marianna has been taking photos since she was 5 years old. She’s looking forward to developing her photography skills and showing the rest of Canada the beauty of the Yukon.

The beauty of the Yukon is captured in this photo of Emerald Lake, which is one of Marianna’s favourite landmarks because of its stunning colours.

Marianna Photo Entry

OliviaOlivia – Cranbrook, BC

Olivia’s excitement to be a Summer Kidtographer cannot be contained. She already has a running list of photo ideas in her head – ranging from summer camp, to road trips, to the lake and fun with family and friends. The Summer Kidtographer search couldn’t have come at a better time for Olivia as her old camera broke. We can’t wait to see the photos she takes with her new Canon PowerShot SX520 HS!

Olivia Photo Entry

The Summer Kidtographers begin their assignment on July 1. You can tune into our blog weekly to see their adventures in photography, or view the photos on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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