Posterjack Summer Kidtographers: Week Two


Week two on assignment had our Summer Kidtographers experimenting with new photography techniques!

From learning how to create light graffiti to playing with depth of field, the Posterjack Summer Kidtographers did an awesome job of exploring and implementing new photography techniques!


“This is a picture of an ant standing on a leaf in my garden. I think this picture is cool because of how the ant and the leaf are in focus compared to the background, which is blurry.”

Ryan - W2P1


“Last week with Canada Day and the 4th of July, I noticed some cool photos taken with sparklers! I knew right away I wanted to try it so I Googled how to do it and found an easy tutorial to follow. I had my camera in the Manual setting. I set my ISO to 100, and my aperture to f/8. Then I put my camera on a tripod so it wouldn’t shake. My mom helped me by drawing with the sparklers.”

Olivia - W2P2


“The photography strategy I have been using this week is taking close up and far away photos of the same subject. The close-up photo of my sister, Gabriela, focuses on her walking through the sand, and the far away photo of my sisters shows them and the surrounding lake and mountains.”

Marianna - W2P2


Marianna - W2P3



“I used the fish-eye technique to take this picture. I like how it brings your gaze to the ducks and makes it look like they are floating on a wave. I also love the colours of the sunset and the lighthouse in the background.”

Evelyn - W2P1


Wow. The Kidtographers sure delivered this week! We can’t wait to see what next week’s photos will be. Keep up the good work Ryan, Olivia, Marianna, and Evelyn!

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