Posterjack Summer Kidtographers: Week Three


From a Lego scene set up with a DIY photography studio to a magical Yukon sunset, our Summer Kidtographers never cease to amaze us with their photos!


“It rained all day Sunday, so my dad and I set up a mini studio and had some fun with my Lord of the Rings Lego guys.”

Ryan - W3P4


“I found this little flower at the Garden Show at one of the homes. I thought it made a pretty picture, all the vibrant reds and pinks looked so beautiful in the sunlight!”

Olivia W3P4


“This week I have been focusing on capturing Yukon’s beautiful sunsets. This photo was taken from my bedroom window. I really like the colours of this sunset and of the clouds. The photo looks magical.”

Marianna - W3P1


“This is my bunny Fluffy (his name is Fluffy because each of his hairs are two inches long)! I like this picture because Fluffy looks like he is glowing.”

Evelyn - W3P4

Another week of fantastic photos! Thanks for sharing your photos with us Ryan, Olivia, Marianna, and Evelyn!

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