Posterjack Summer Kidtographers: Week Four


Can you believe our Summer Kidtographers are already half way through their assignment? Here’s a look at some of their photos from week four!


“This photo was taken using the black and white camera mode. I like this photo because of how the pile of wood goes from big to small. This construction site is at one of our local arenas. They’re making it better for next season. I can’t wait to play in it when it reopens.”

Ryan - W4P3


“This is of the main strip in Cranbrook, just as the sun was rising into view.”

Olivia - W4P3


“This photo shows a float plane on Schwatka Lake with a reflection of the mountains in the still lake. The lake was so still it acted like a mirror, and the reflection of the mountains looked almost like the original. The setting sun made this photo have very rich colours.”

Marianna - W4P5


“This is a picture of the way down a big hill called Tracey’s Hill. I love it because this picture is full of lines and it makes your eyes go from the top right corner to the top left corner.”

Evelyn - W4P7

Great job, Kidtographers! We’re really looking forward to seeing which photos you choose to spend your Posterjack gift certificate on at the end of the summer! Until next week, happy snapping!

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