Posterjack Summer Kidtographers: Week Five


Wildlife photography, candid portraits, travel photos, and sunset photography – this is what the Kidtographers brought us for week five on assignment and they’re fantastic!


“This is a photo of birds flying over the water. I like this photo because of how the clouds look and the warm colours, and how the birds look like they’re playing follow-the-leader.”



“My best friend came over for a sleepover while her parents were out of town. My little sister, Raegan, absolutely adored her! This is a picture of them playing together. Too cute!”

Olivia - W5P7


“This photo shows a huge tower of luggage at the Toronto Pearson International Airport.”

MArianna - W5P7


“This is a photo of a sunset on the way to a cottage in Haliburton, Ontario. I thought it looked amazing.”

Evelyn - W5P3

Great stuff, Kidtographers! Thanks for sharing your photos. As always, we look forward to seeing what your next batch of images will be!

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