Posterjack Summer Kidtographers: Week Six


Our Kidtographers all had fun capturing photos of nature during their sixth week on assignment!

Ryan, Marianna, and Evelyn did a great job photographing the great outdoors this past week. But what about Olivia, you ask? Olivia got so excited about going to summer camp, she forgot to pack her memory card so wasn’t able to get any photos! Oops!

Update: Olivia just sent us a photo she captured last Sunday. Scroll down to the end of this post to check it out!


“This week, we went to our friend’s cottage on Lake Erie. I had lots of fun taking shots of the waves crashing onto the shore.”

Ryan - W6P1


“I practised my close-up photography techniques by taking a picture of a bee on a flower during a trip with my mom and sisters to Unionville, which is just outside of Toronto.”

Marianna W6P5 - Bee on Flower


“I used the grid feature on my camera to align this flower in the bottom right corner of my picture. I like how the Queen Anne’s lace is so clear and the background is out of focus.”

Evelyn - W6P3


“My family went for a walk by Joseph’s Creek and I brought along my camera. I went into the creek and just sort of took some cool ripple pics. I like this one because the sun is shining on the water and reflecting on the rocks.”

Olivia - W6P1

Great job, Kidtographers! As always, we’re looking forward to seeing your next batch of photos!

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