Posterjack Summer Kidtographers: Week Seven


Our Summer Kidtographers are awesome! Check out what they photographed for week seven on assignment!


“I really like this picture of a flower I found at my friend’s house when we went over for a barbeque. I don’t know what kind of flower it is but it is pretty cool anyway.”

Ryan W7P5


“This is my best friend’s dog, Jasper! I love this cool close-up of his eye. He’s an old dog but still very cute!”

Olivia W7P5


“My favourite picture this week is of a sunset over Georgian Bay in Ontario. My sisters, dad, and grandfather went up for a day at the beach and we had so much fun that we stayed until the sun set. I really think this is one of the prettiest sunsets in the world because you can see the red colour reflected on the water in all directions. The reflection makes a cross shape and reminded me of the four compass directions: north, south, east, and west. Up above you can see pretty, golden clouds.”

Marianna W7P9 - SunsetOntario


“This is a picture of three flowers near a pond that I drive by daily. It is only about a two minute walk from my house so on Friday, my littlest brother and I decided to walk down to the pond so I could take some pictures.”

Evelyn - W7P2

We’re really looking forward to seeing which photos our Summer Kidtographers will choose to spend their Posterjack gift certificate on at the end of their assignment! One more week and these kids are done! Can you believe it?

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