Posterjack Summer Kidtographers: Week Eight


This is the final week for our 2015 Summer Kidtographers! Summer has flown by way too fast!


“This is a picture of my dog, Savvy. I was playing with the black and white settings on the camera. I like how intently she is focused on me.”

Ryan - W8P4


“In Cranbrook we had a red sun a few days back, I took this picture from my yard. I love the way the people across the street have that old chimney. Its silhouette is just beautiful against the beautiful orange clouds behind it!”

Olivia - W8P4


“This is a flower on my grandparents’ cement steps in front of their backyard garden. I found this flower in the garden and put it on the steps to take an artistic shot.”

Marianna W8P3


“This is a photo of my dog Holly’s face. I like the lines in her hair and how her eyes look glossy.”


Ryan, Olivia, Marianna, and Evelyn – you guys rock! The entire Posterjack team had a blast checking out your photos each week and we’re certain our fans (your fans!) did too! Thanks for being our official 2015 Summer Kidtographers, you should be very proud of the photos you captured over the past few months and we hope your passion for photography continues!

Want to see more photos captured by our Summer Kidtographers? You can check out their entire photo collections on Pinterest. We can’t wait to see which photos they choose to turn into Posterjack photo art!

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