Our Final #12PrintsProject Blogger Update

12PrintsProject Square Instagram White Frames

December, and 2015 overall, saw many memorable and photo-worthy moments from our #12PrintsProject bloggers! While all good things must come to an end, we will miss reading about the monthly adventures, celebrations, and memories created by our bloggers.

Generations of Love

The reason In R Dream loves photography so much is because no matter whether you snap a photo with a phone or DSLR camera, it’s the subject that matters. During the holidays Tammy noticed a trend in her choice of subjects – they were all the smiling faces of friends and family.

Each photo she took gave her a warm feeling and made her heart grow, but it was the photo of her grandpa, mom, and children that she wanted to close 2015 with.

The generations of love between the most important members of her family inspired her to have the photo printed on a Wood Print. Something that she plans on gifting to her mom so she can cherish the memory for years to come.

In R Dream

Spruce Up Your Desk Décor with Woodstand Prints from Posterjack

Frugal Mom, Eh was able to capture and create some amazing printed photo memories in 2015, but some of her favourites happened in December.

During the first (and only) snowfall of 2015, Elizabeth’s two daughters were having so much fun playing together that Elizabeth just had to grab her camera and snap a few photos.

Elizabeth had the photos printed on Woodstand Prints, making them a great addition to her desk décor. Not to take away from the subjects, but Elizabeth loves how the prints are the stars of the stand, complete with rounded edges. The Woodstand Prints are durable, which is perfect since her kids love playing at her desk!

Frugal Mom, Eh

Instant Warmth and Comfort

Is winter trying to sway you to the grumpy side? Tammi from My Organized Chaos was feeling that way after days of getting up early and breathing a sigh of relief that it didn’t snow during the night. Her morning routine had her wanting reminders of warmth and comfort.

Thanks to Posterjack and the #12PrintsProject, Tammi’s mornings quite literally have a new ray of sunshine thanks to a massive Gallery Frame displaying a photo taken during a recent Mexican vacation. Now Tammi has a piece of paradise to gaze upon whenever she feels the need for some warmth.

My Organized Chaos

An Homage to a Good Year and Family Time

December and 2015 in general was a great time for Whispered Inspirations.

Wanting to start the new year is style, Nancy decided to pay homage to the things that are such a big part of her life – her family and her blog.

Nancy experienced a happy moment on an ordinary day with her family when they all got together for some Tex Mex. On the way out of the restaurant she asked her sister to snap a shot and now that photo sits on her night stand as a Woodstand Print – that way she can see is every morning and every night.

Whispered Inspirations (1)

The living room is where Nancy decided to pay homage to her blog. Looking to fill a space left vacant after removing a mirror, Nancy turned to Posterjack’s Art Shop. There she found a black and white dandelion fluff – a theme that is a constant on her blog. Much like a dandelion fluff, Nancy hopes the words on her blog float away from the screen and gently touch anyone who reads them. Nancy had the photo turned into a Canvas Print – the perfect way to start 2016 in style.

Whispered Inspirations (2)

Fan Contest

It’s not hard to see why @BeingKulvir loves living on the North Shore, Vancouver. The stunning scenery and her photo of “The Lions” made her the last #12PrintsProject winner!


Thank you to everyone who entered, we loved each and every one of the photos! Don’t forget to like us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter and Instagram for even more contests and photography advice!

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