10 Autumn Photos You Need to Capture This Year

autumn fall photography

Whether you have a DSLR or are shooting with your iPhone, autumn is a great time to get outdoors with a camera. It’s the time of year when Mother Nature is all like, “Hey! Here’s an abundance of amazing colours, incredible lighting, and an endless supply of interesting textures and subjects!”

Don’t squander this once-a-year photo op! Armed with some basic autumn photography tips and a lot of inspiration, you can capture some incredible frame-worthy photos! Here are 10 autumn photos that we want to challenge you to capture this year, and when you do, share them with us on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter so we can check them out! It also goes without saying that brilliant autumn photos turn into outstanding photo art!

1. Where You Are


2. The Road You Travel


3. And The Path You Follow


4. The Diverse Colours You See


5. The Veins of Life


6. The Boots You Wear

Signs of the changing season: Leaves & my beloved Hunters. #CanadianFall

A post shared by Karma Brown (@karmakbrown) on


7. Your Outfit of the Day


8. Reflections


9. Your Baby’s First


10. The Harvest


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