15 Winter Decorating Ideas to Warm Up Your Place

Winter Decor with Photo Art

We love it when our customers share photos of their Posterjack art! We’ve rounded up just a few of our favourites to help inspire you to warm up, or freshen up, your décor this winter.

1. Bring the Outdoors In
Nancy Wilson found the perfect photo in our Art Shop to turn into a Triptych Canvas Print. Displaying photos of the great outdoors can make you feel oh-so-warm inside, no matter how cold it is outside your own front door!

Triptych Three-Panel Canvas Print Posterjack

[Photo Source]

2. Layer Up
Layering shouldn’t be limited to just your outfit! Jo Alcorn loves to create different focal points by layering Posterjack photo art. (You can watch her on the Marilyn Denis Show here.)

Posterjack Framed Photos on Display

[Photo Source]

3. Embrace the Blues
Turn your winter blues into something you can smile about! @photographic_traveller used an iPhone photo captured on a trip to Australia and turned it into a stunning 16”x48” Acrylic Print.

Beautiful Beach Photo Printed on Acrylic

[Photo Source]

4. Make a Splash
We love this Metal Print that Jess Albrecht has on display in her kitchen! Jess says, “Sorry Earl. Forever in pink boots.” But we don’t think there’s any reason to apologize. Earl, you look fabulous and are totally rockin’ those pink boots!

Cute Dog Wearing Rain Boots Printed on Metal

[Photo Source]

5. Warm Up Your Mantel
Kerri Roche decorated her mantel with Peel & Stick wall decals, displaying her favourite autumn-themed photos. Kerri says, “These things are seriously life-changing for a seasonal decorating addict like me!” The reason they’re so great? Posterjack Peel & Sticks can be applied to nearly any surface, will not damage the walls or paint, and can be reapplied up to 200 times! They’re the perfect photo art product for those who like to freshen their décor with each season.

Fall Mantel Decorated for Fall

[Photo Source]

6. Brighten Up a Dark and Narrow Hallway
Giulia Doyle also loves our Peel & Stick wall decals, but for a different reason. She explains in an Instagram post, “I add two to three photos of each vacation to our dark and narrow hallway. They are great memories, conversation starters, and you can’t knock them off the wall!”

Narrow Hallway Decorated with Vacation Photos

[Photo Source]

7. Add a Pop of Colour
With overcast skies and long, dark nights, winter can sometimes feel like it’s never going to end. Brighten up those dreary months by adding a pop of colour, like Wilson Lee has done with a Triptych Canvas Print!

Beautiful Autumn Trees and Lake Printed on Canvas

[Photo Source]

8. Let the Little Ones Help
Nothing can brighten up a room quite like a child’s artistic masterpiece! The problem with kids’ art is it’s often created with paints and papers that can deteriorate over time. Snap a photo of or scan those works of art and have them made into custom art that will last centuries! Can you believe @jenniferego’s 4-year-old daughter made this? Impressive!

A Child's Painting Turned into a Canvas Print

[Photo Source]

9. Set the Mood with Ambient Light
Although it’s great to brighten up your space to help get you through the long winter months, sometimes it also feels good to embrace what Mother Nature has given us. We love how Erik McRitchie has surrounded his beautiful Framed Print with soft, warm lighting. Now, where’s our blanket and mug of hot cocoa?

Beautiful Canadian Landscape Custom Printed and Framed

[Photo Source]

10. Create Contrast Between Photo and Medium
Including texture in your photography can significantly enhance the visual impact of a photo and can add a sense of dimension in an otherwise flat photo. Another great way to accentuate the detail in a photo is to create contrast between the photo itself and the medium it’s printed on. @sashalola illustrates this perfectly. We love the pairing of the child’s soft, warm cheeks with the raw, brushed aluminum of a Metal Print.

Photo of a Child's Warm, Soft Cheeks Printed on Metal

[Photo Source]

11. Quote Yourself
Whether you want to embrace winter or try to get through it as quickly as possible, displaying words of encouragement or inspiration can be just what you need. If you’re creative like Kyle Tuttle, you can create custom art using your own words of wisdom or, failing that, you can always find what you need in our Art Shop!

Quote of the Day Printed and Framed

[Photo Source]

12. Make a Statement
If winter has you stuck indoors, you might as well make the most of it and enjoy hibernation as much as possible! Susan Young has done a fantastic job at creating a space that makes a statement in a big way. She says, “These stunners were previously relegated to life on a computer screen, I think they’re so much happier (and easy to appreciate) out in the real world.”

Two Large Photo Prints of Children

[Photo Source]

13. Be a Good Sport
Winter has an abundance of memory-making opportunities, from holiday get-togethers to outdoor fun and games. Capture these special moments and display them proudly! When you’re melting in the summer heat, you’ll appreciate them even more! We love Angela Auclair’s winter-themed photo and it makes us happy that it’s dog-approved!

Winter Outdoor Ice Hockey Photo Printed with Dog in Foreground

[Photo Source]

14. Dress Up the Desk
Don’t limit your winter décor to your walls! Dress up your desk with an Acrylic Block or Woodstand Print. Shayna shared a picture of her Acrylic Block on Instagram, saying, “It’s like we’re right back in summer.”

Photo of Little Girl Printed on Acrylic Block

[Photo Source]

15. And the Bookshelves
Our Acrylic Blocks look amazing on bookshelves too! Elizabeth Lampman shows us just how incredible they look! With its one-inch thick premium cast acrylic, you should see how holiday lights and candlelight can play with this product. It’s stunning!

Home Decor Photo Displayed on Bookshelf

[Photo Source]

Share Your Posterjack Art with Us
When you create something you’re proud of, you want to share it with the world, right? That’s why it makes us so happy when our customers share their Posterjack art! After we’ve worked to hard to create the best quality art with your photos, we love to see the finished product on display! Please feel free to share your Posterjack art with us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter!

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