Author: Rhonda Callow

Rhonda Callow is the owner of Paper & Pretties, a business that creates handmade cards and jewelry while promoting the Random Acts of Love lifestyle. She is a content creator and social media manager for Posterjack, Canada’s top online photo printing company, and also works as a freelancer. Rhonda is a volunteer first responder/firefighter and is happiest when spending time with her family, friends, and dog. She loves running and being outdoors. You can follow her on Instagram and Twitter (@rhondacallow) or contact her at [email protected]

Staircase Wall Art: Ideas for Arranging Pictures in Your Stairway

Tips for Decorating a Staircase

The idea of displaying art on a staircase wall can feel like a daunting task, but it doesn’t need to be! Here are several ideas to help get you started. (more…)

One to Watch: Czech Teenager Turns a Curiosity for Photography into Something Much Greater

Teenaged Photographer Oliver Beneš and His Amazing Photos

Equipped with nothing more than an old compact camera and the internet to guide him, Oliver Beneš’ simple curiosity for photography quickly developed into a passion he now shares with the world.  (more…)

8 Wedding Photos Printed 8 Ways

Ideas for Printing Your Wedding Photos
Say “I do” to printing your wedding photos! Check out these examples of eight different wedding photos printed on eight different photo art products and let us know which is your favourite! (more…)

How to Display Your Artwork [Infographic]

Tips on How to Display Your Artwork Infographic

Even if you’re not an interior designer, you can style your home to look like it should be in an issue of the latest home decor magazine. To help get you started, we created this infographic with tips on how to display your artwork like a pro. Feel free to download a copy to use as a cheatsheet or share it with someone who you think could use a little extra help decorating. (more…)

10 Autumn Photos You Need to Capture This Year

autumn fall photography

Whether you have a DSLR or are shooting with your iPhone, autumn is a great time to get outdoors with a camera. It’s the time of year when Mother Nature is all like, “Hey! Here’s an abundance of amazing colours, incredible lighting, and an endless supply of interesting textures and subjects!” (more…)