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5 Ways to Display Art in Unconventional Ways

5 Ways to Display Art in Unconventional Ways

Barbara Mangoni, founder of South Hill Interiors, shares her top five tips on how to display artwork in unconventional and interesting ways. She was recently on The Morning Show showing viewers how to incorporate these ideas using Posterjack art.  


Top Online Backup Solutions for Professional Photographers

Online Photo Backup Options

The following blog post was written by small-business owner, John Mak. You can learn more about John by checking out his bio at the end of this post. A big thanks to John for sharing his knowledge on online backup solutions! (more…)

Varying Your Camera’s Shutter Speed to Create Interesting Photos

The following blog post was written by a very talented photographer, Ryan Marko. Be sure to check out his bio and website, provided at the end of this post. And a big thanks to Ryan for sharing his knowledge, talent, and photos! (more…)

Making Photography Friends…

If you are reading this blog, then chances are that you are familiar with the social networking group Facebook, and the one that caters to photography called Flickr.  Other then seeing what Aunt Mary is up to, or whether your best friend is having a a good hair day, or who is cheering what baseball team both Facebook and Flickr feature millions of photographs taken from amateurs, professionals, and every one in between. Photos from candid moments; family reunions; travel; sports; nature; or even pets. You name it and you can find photos on every subject possible.

Not only is there photos and albums a plenty, but there are hundreds and hundreds of photography groups you can join. Whether they are amateur or professional groups, camera brand specific, subject specific, even colour specific!!, there is a group of people out there who share the same skill level or interests as you. When I first started taking photos with my point and shoot camera, it was about the same time I joined Facebook. As my interest in photography grew, I decided to investigate and join some amateur photography groups. (more…)

A Photographer is born…our first guest post from Scott Young!

If you can believe it, I became a photographer by accident. Three years ago this hobby of mine began simply because at the time I needed to buy a camera for work reasons. My line of work was in retail merchandising and display and it was necessary to take photos of the work that was done in order to share with my co workers and to provide information to the company’s head office. Previous to this, I had never picked up a camera in my life, other then a disposable one. After what was a very nerve wrenching shopping experience I came out of the store with my first camera. I was the proud owner of a point and shoot. (Can I just mention how much lower in price they are now!! The amount of Posterjack products I could have bought would be staggering!) (more…)