Helpful information and tips on composition.

Travel Photography Tips: Capturing Great Vacation Photos

Eiffel Tower Paris red car selective coloring

Yes, the iconic Egyptian pyramids are photo worthy, as are Paris’ Eiffel Tower and the majestic Big Ben clock tower of London, but that doesn’t mean your vacation photos need to look just like those of every other tourist to visit these popular destinations. Save it for postcards. If you want unique and memorable photos of your holiday, follow these travel photography tips. (more…)

Having Fun With Wedding Photography

Looking at sample wedding photos can help inspire you to either capture great photos yourself, or even assist you in coming up with some must-have shots that you can ask your hired photographer to capture. Here is a look at several excellent wedding photos, along with a description of what makes them so great. (more…)

Flower Photography Tips & Techniques: How to Take Great Photos

Learning Flower Photography Tips and Techniques

Whether you’re a budding photographer with the desire to learn new skills or you’ve already blossomed into a talented shooter and are simply looking for inspiration, here are several flower photography tips and techniques worth learning. (more…)

Photo Tips: Served Fresh on Breakfast Television

Today we had a chance to share some photo tips on Breakfast Television.  Actually, I am writing this in advance of going on air, so hopefully the segment went well and the viewers learned had some fun.  I’ll put a link to the BT video once it is live.  With that said, I expect the pace was pretty quick, so I am excited to expand a little bit here on the blog. (more…)