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Understanding Depth of Field: Photography Basics

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Understanding depth of field can really help improve your photography!

Stripped down to the simplest of terms, depth of field in photography is the area of a photograph that is in focus. A photograph can have a large depth of field where everything in the image is in focus or a shallow depth of field, where a specific subject is in focus and the background or foreground is blurred (most commonly the background). (more…)

Holiday Photography: Don’t Make These Mistakes!

Man with camera looking through viewfinder at Christmas tree and living room fireplace

Capturing special holiday moments with your camera can be a challenge. Here are the top five mistakes people make and tips on how to avoid them. (more…)

Autumn Photography Tips: Capturing the Season of Changing Colours

Poisonous Toadstool

Winter, spring, summer, and fall: each season provides us with unique photo opportunities and challenges. Here are some autumn photography tips to help you capture the most from the season of changing colours. (more…)

Travel Photography Tips: Capturing Great Vacation Photos

Eiffel Tower Paris red car selective coloring

Yes, the iconic Egyptian pyramids are photo worthy, as are Paris’ Eiffel Tower and the majestic Big Ben clock tower of London, but that doesn’t mean your vacation photos need to look just like those of every other tourist to visit these popular destinations. Save it for postcards. If you want unique and memorable photos of your holiday, follow these travel photography tips. (more…)

Flower Photography Tips & Techniques: How to Take Great Photos

Learning Flower Photography Tips and Techniques

Whether you’re a budding photographer with the desire to learn new skills or you’ve already blossomed into a talented shooter and are simply looking for inspiration, here are several flower photography tips and techniques worth learning. (more…)

Varying Your Camera’s Shutter Speed to Create Interesting Photos

The following blog post was written by a very talented photographer, Ryan Marko. Be sure to check out his bio and website, provided at the end of this post. And a big thanks to Ryan for sharing his knowledge, talent, and photos! (more…)

10 Quick Tips for Capturing the Best Baby Photos Ever

Between the 3am feedings, 5am diaper changes, daytime doctor’s appointments, laundry, cooking, housework … who’s got time to learn how to take great pictures of their baby? You do. Here are several helpful – but quick! – photography tips that will teach you how to capture the best photos of your newest bundle of joy. (more…)