Top 10 Portrait Photography Composition Tips

Woman Holding Camera Capturing Portrait Photos

To be able to capture excellent portraits, there are several things you need to consider, from correct lighting and ideal camera equipment to creative posing and subject matter. Photographing babies, for example, can present entirely different challenges than taking portraits of adults. Here we will focus on the top 10 composition tips for stunning portrait photos. (more…)

Compositional Framing: Tips on Using Frames Within a Photo

Compositional Framing

Framing is a compositional technique used to draw attention to the subject and add interest to the photo. This photo gallery looks at several ways to use frames within an image. (more…)

The Rule of Thirds in Photography: A Simple Yet Effective Composition Technique

Rule of Thirds Grid and Smiling Little Boy on Playground Swing

The Rule of Thirds is a composition technique that is super easy to learn and just as easy to apply to your images to help you create better photos. (more…)

Flower Photography Tips & Techniques: How to Take Great Photos

Learning Flower Photography Tips and Techniques

Whether you’re a budding photographer with the desire to learn new skills or you’ve already blossomed into a talented shooter and are simply looking for inspiration, here are several flower photography tips and techniques worth learning. (more…)

Still Life Photography

Chances are that if you look around the homes of people you know, somewhere there is a print or painting of a still life. In simple terms, a still life is the depiction of something that is natural or man made but is inanimate. The most common images that come to mind are pictures of fruit, or flowers in a vase. Pottery, and kitchen items also seem to be popular. If you Google “still life painting” you will see hundreds of examples. (more…)